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  • I graduated from Colorado School of Medical and Botanical Esthetics
  • I have successfully completed multiple lash extension courses and have made continuing education a priority
  • I dedicated much of my time learning and apprenticing under master lash stylists who specialize in mink and volume techniques
  • I developed a lash training curriculum and manual and have trained numerous new lash stylists

More About Me

  • One thing I would like to do in the next 5 years… I would love to buy and flip a house!
  • My ideal way to spend a day off… in some form of stretchy clothing snuggling with my fur babies, reading or painting
  • Home State/Town… Denver, Colorado
  • My life’s greatest accomplishment… cultivating a life that I am excited to live (does having the cutest animals ever count?!)
  • My guilty pleasure… crafting!
  • Astrology sign… Capricorn
  • A great role model/mentor in life has been… my grandpa… my pops taught me a lot about work ethic and dedication
  • First Concert… Motley Crüe (any fans still around?)
  • Next Hopeful Vacation… Iceland
  • How I recharge… impromptu solo dance parties or painting
  • One lesson I have learned this past year… nobody is going to love yourself like you love you!
  • If I could eliminate one thing from my daily schedule, it would be… Commuting!  I love my car, Jettafur and some good car tunes, but I am ready to teleport already and save some time

Dream It, Become It