More About Me

  • One thing I would like to do in the next 5 years is… Move back to Vail
  • The ideal way to spend a day off is… Grocery shopping and cooking
  • My Home State/town is… Nebraska
  • My life’s greatest accomplishment so far… Marrying my best friend Drew
  • My guilty pleasure… Rio margaritas & dessert- before a meal, after a meal, at any time of the day!
  • Astrology Sign… Scorpio
  • A great role model/mentor in my life has been… Melissa Fioravanti… the most selfless, encouraging, and brilliant individual I have met and am blessed to have in my life – you better not edit this out 🙂
  • Sunrise or Sunset… Sunrise
  • First Concert… Aerosmith
  • Last Concert… Garth Brooks
  • Favorite Smell… Cinnamon. I love the holidays!
  • Favorite Sound… Laughter
  • Last Vacation… Aspen
  • Next Hopeful Vacation… Thailand & Vietnam
  • How do you recharge… Sleep and spend time in Vail – my happy place
  • What is one lesson you learned this past year… Don’t let someone else’s thoughts and feelings about you, define you
  • If you could eliminate one thing from your daily schedule, what would it be and why… Being connected to my phone and emails because it takes me away from being in the moment with those around me.

What I love the most about my job is…being surrounded by women who support and empower one another to do their best.